Ananda Mandir is nearing the very last phase of its multi-year construction/expansion projects!

About seven years ago, we embarked on an ambitious project to construct a 9000 sq.ft Community Center and to expand the existing Temple with a classical Bengali facade. The total budget for this expansion project exceeded $ 5 million.

The launch of this expansion project represented a bold new vision for the future for our community. Thanks to that grand vision, dedicated efforts by a large team of volunteers, and strong financial support from hundreds of members and friends, we now have an expanded temple where a significantly large number of devotees can gather to celebrate major pujas. We also have a large, state-of-the-art auditorium-cum-community hall where we can showcase Bengali cultural events and organize family social activities.

We are proud to see Ananda Mandir successfully serving the religious and spiritual needs of our community. We are also proud to promote involvement of our members in a wide range activities such as music, dance, language, theater, literature,  and community service. We encourage our younger members to pursue their interests by giving them opportunities and recognition. We have a long-standing awards and recognition program for outstanding volunteers, literary talents and youth activities and community service. We see Ananda Mandir as a place where young and older generations intermingle to promote their networking for betterment of their living.


Building Plans Approved by City - January 2012
Construction Loan of $ 3.5 million Approved- July 2012
Construction started at Ananda Mandir Site - August 2012
New Temple Ready for Services - September 2015
Cultural Center Ready for Use - October 2016

Partial Expansion of Parking Lot -- Fall 2019

Completion of the Entrance Gate and Parking Lot Expansion -- Spring/Summer 2020

CURRENT STATUS: Temple & Community Center Completed and Fully Operational