The Ananda Mandir campus is spread over 9.3 acres and consists of three buildings:

1) Temple Building  Primary worship hall with Bengali architectural theme. Houses several deities including: Ma Kali, Ma Durga, Ma Saraswati, Ma Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, Shri Ganesh, and Shri Radha-Krishna. The principal deities on the main altar were custom -made for us form hand-selected stones by artisans in India. 
(2) Tagore Hall A two story 9000 sq. ft. building. Includes a large hall with stage which can accommodate almost 400 people in an auditorium setting, and 300 guests in a banquet hall setting. Amenities include first-rate audiovisual equipment, commercial grade kitchen, several auxiliary rooms for meetings/classes and a large mezzanine area suitable for yoga, meditation and similar activities. 
(3) Front Building The original 2800 sq. ft. ranch style building is the residence for our priest. It also provides space for our management offices and meeting rooms and space for small community gatherings. 

The campus is professionally landscaped and maintained. Paved parking for 300 cars is available. The facilities are arguably the best of its kind among all Bengali organization in the Unites States and is the pride of all Bengalis in New Jersey and the neighboring states.