Gayatri GaMarsh Memorial Awards For Literary Excellence


Gayatri Memorial Awards were established in 2010 to recognize authors who have demonstrated excellence in writing through their published essays, poems, short stories or plays. The awards have been made possible through a significant contribution from Jerry GaMarsh, husband of late Gayatri GaMarsh. Gayatri was an accomplished author and artist and a key member of the editorial team of Ananda Sangbad and Anandalipi.

  Awards and Recognization

Two cash awards are given each year to recognize outstanding works published in North America-based literary magazines within the last five years. One award will be given to an author of Bengali works, and another will be given to an author in English. Each award will consist of $500 in cash and a certificate.
The Gayatri Memorial Awards are administered through the Awards & Recognition Subcommittee of Ananda Mandir. Deadline for nominations (with supporting documents) for the 2020 awards is July 31, 2020. Awards will be announced and presented in the Fall of 2020.

How to nominate

An author may nominate himself/herself — or may be nominated by third parties (using the Nomination Form shown below). Each nomination should be submitted in duplicate and supported by photocopies of one of the following:
  • Two (and only two) works of prose (essays, short stories or plays) published in North America-based Bengali or English print or digital magazines within the last five years. The submitted articles should not be more than ten (10) pages long. Longer articles may be disqualified.
  • In case of poetry, submission may consist of up to four poems, each of reasonable length (2 pages or shorter).
  • A combination of prose and poetry may be submitted as well. However, please submit no more than one short story, essay or play and two poems.
Please note that unpublished works of literature will not be accepted. Full publication references must be given for the articles submitted with each nomination.
Articles published in magazines or websites outside of North America will not be considered. Nominated authors must be 18 years or older and residents of North America.
Whenever possible, nominations should be submitted electronically. Each nomination should include short biography of the author. J
udging, however, will be based primarily on the supporting publications. Judges’ decisions will be final.
Members of the Awards & Recognition Subcommittee and the judges cannot submit nominations for themselves nor can they be nominated by third parties
Deadline for nominations (with supporting documents) for the 2020 awards is August 31, 2020. Awards will be announced and presented in the Fall of 2020.
Please send nominations (with supporting documents) to:
Debajyoti Chatterji 79 Mackenzie Lane South Denville, NJ 07834
For further details please click to email:
Click here to download the nomination form.

2023 Winners

2022 Winners

2021 Winners

Wall of Fame


Swapna Ray, MA (Bengali) Subhankar Mukhopadhyay, TX (Bengali) Debashis Roy Chowdhury, CA (English)


Keya Mukhopadhyay, TX (Bengali) Vishnupriya, NJ (English) Sneha Sundraram, NJ (English)


Subrata Kumar Das, Ontario, Canada (Bengali) Jayashree Chatterjee, NJ (English)


Uddalak Bharadwaj, TX (Bengali) Suvro Datta, WA (Bengali) Satya Jeet, NJ (English)


Sujay Datta, OH (Bengali) Sonnet Mondal, India (English) Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay, TN (English, Special Mention)


Rahul Ray, MA (Bengali) Parom Bandopadhyay, MI (Bengali) Vinita Agrawal, India (English)


Indrani Mondal, IL (Bengali) Dipika Mukherjee, IL (English)


Ivy Chatterjee, India (Bengali) Sumit Nag, MA (Bengali) Gouri Datta, MA (English)


Eva Khashnobish, India (Bengali) Bakul Banerjee, IL ( English) Kooheli Chatterji, NJ (English)


Gouri Datta, MA (Bengali) Tathagata Ghosh, NJ (English)