How to register for classes

  1. Click the red “More Info” button. 
  2. Click red “REGISTER” button
  3. Follow the steps to “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” and list your email & password.
  4. Click red “REGISTER” button in the Payment Options box. 
  5. Click red “ADD TO CART” button. 
  6. A red pop up “ATTENDEE IS REQUIRED” will appear. 
  7. Click “+ ADD CHILD”. Insert Child’s Full Name and Birthdate and click “ADD CHILD”. 
  8. Click “ADD TO CART” button. 
  9. Review the information and click “CHECKOUT”
  10. Complete the membership process by adding personal information and click “NEXT”
  11. Continue completing profile details, sign the waiver and add the date. 
  12. Click “NEXT” to proceed and on the next screen click “PLACE ORDER”
    *You will receive a confirmation email. 
  13. Click “KEEP SHOPPING” to select the specific class and location. 

 **You are not finished registering for class until you also complete the Class Registration Process. MORE

You should now be on the Sawyer Website. 
  • Look through the locations and classes until you find the class you wish to register for and click the Class Title. 
  • Select the Booking Option (see below) and click “REGISTER” 
Semester – Select this option if you plan to pay for the entire semester at this time. Drop-in – Select this option if you plan to pay for one class or more now. You may select the exact dates your child plans to attend using the calendar in the “SELECT DATES” box. 
  1. Once you have selected the Booking Options (and selected your dates for the Drop-in Option only), click “DONE”. 
  2. Click “ADD TO CART”. 
  3. If you wish to select another class for the same student or a different student, click “KEEP SHOPPING”. 
  4. If you are ready to check out, select “CHECK OUT”. 
  6. Click “PLACE ORDER”. 
**You will receive a confirmation email once complete.