Vice President Hall Rental Committee Jaiprakash Biswas

Meet Our Resident Priest 

Biswajyoti Nayak, Ananda Mandir Resident Priest, is one of those rare individuals who enlightens our hearts and minds with his deep knowledge of Hindu Religion and Spirituality.

Biswajyoti (lovingly known as Biswa bhai), with his uniquely basic approach to performing any Puja inside the great temple of Ananda Mandir or outside in private family environments, is highly acclaimed as an exalted priest with love, devotion and kindness by everyone including members of other Indian communities. People travel miles to watch him perform Pujas with devotional songs and be blessed. 

Biswajyoti Nayak was born in Suri in Birbhum District of West Bengal in a family devoted to religious practices. His family had their own temple in Alipore, and Biswa bhai was exposed to a religious environment from an early age. 

As a young boy, Biswajyoti moved to Alipore, Kolkata and matriculated from the New Alipore Multipurpose High School. He began his college education in Ashutosh College but later decided to study law. He graduated from the Faculty School of Law under Calcutta University and worked for a few years in Kolkata as a lawyer. He also received extensive education and training in Hindu religious rituals. 

Biwabhai was invited by the Board of Trustees (BOT) to join Ananda Mandir as resident priest in November of 2004. Since then, he has been performing daily, morning and evening pujas and all other important tithi based Hindu pujas at the temple. In addition, Biswabhai has been serving the community by fulfilling their private religious needs at their request