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Seniors Evergreen Club

Seniors helping seniors. Informative discussions on relevant topics such as retirement, health and recreation. Seniors networking provides opportunities for participating in various activities at Ananda Mandir.

Invites retirees and new-retirees to participate actively in forum meetings and activities. We usually meet on the third Sunday of every month usually around 1:00 pm, please check the calendar for special forums and events.

For more information please contact Debajyoti Chatterji

Title:  Evergreen Club Lunch Meeting

Date:  Sunday, Jun 02, 2019    Time:  11:30AM - 3:00PM     Location:  Ananda Mandir

Description:  We will meet at Ananda Mandir and enjoy another home-cooked pot-luck lunch. However, unlike the last get-together, this session will feature vegetarian dishes. But fear not! Our army of gourmet angels are equally gifted in non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, so we are guaranteed to have a delicious meal either way. Details of the program for our June 2 meeting will follow later. However, note that it would start at 11:30 am with appetizers and follow with lunch. Our discussion session will start around 1:00 pm.

Title:  Evergreen Club Lunch Meeting
Date:  Sunday, Jun 02, 2019

Title:  Noboborsho at Home of Ruby and Shyamal Sarkar
Date:  Saturday, Apr 20, 2019

Title:  Welcome to Spring Get-Together
Date:  Saturday, Mar 16, 2019

Title:  New Years Eve Get-Together
Date:  Saturday, Dec 29, 2018

Title:  Shuvo Bijaya Pot-Luck Lunch
Date:  Saturday, Nov 10, 2018

Title:  Lunch Theater at Hunterdon Hills Playhouse
Date:  Saturday, Sep 22, 2018

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