Sahitya O Alochana is a monthly literary and topical discussion forum under the aegis of Ananda Mandir that endeavors to achieve its motto "Alochana Brings Good Things to Mind." It organizes several exciting sessions through the year, typically once a month.

The scope and the reach of the discussions at the forum are ever widening and deepening. Over the last several years, these sessions have covered some very exciting and illuminating discussions on a wide variety of topics including literature, theater and movie, history, philosophy and religion, science and mathematics, economics, social issues, and finally sports.

The coordinators for the Sahitya O Alochana sessions are Subrata Bhaumik and Amitabha Bagchi please contact them for more information. Details for the most recent session is given below. Come join us in this session; enjoy the fascinating discussion; and be a part of the animated interactions that are usual of our alochana sessions.


Title:  Womens empowerment: competing notions and the role of NGOs

Date:  Friday, Aug 25, 2017    Time:  8:00PM - 9:00PM     Location:  Ananda Mandir

Description:  In this session, we will examine various theories and ideas, traditional and emerging, about womens empowerment that predominate the field of gender and feminist studies, and the ever-rising role of NGOs in effectuating the Nuevo outlooks, elements of which are more encompassing than ever, and yet, simultaneously complimentary and mutually exclusive. Raili Roy, a professor of womans and South Asia Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University and a recognized scholar in the subject, is going to lead the discussion.

Title:  Womens empowerment: competing notions and the role of NGOs
Date:  Friday, Aug 25, 2017

Title:  In Search of Medicines - Successes, Failures and New Frontiers
Date:  Friday, Jun 30, 2017

Title:  Bertolt Brecht - Works and Life
Date:  Friday, May 26, 2017

Title:  Religion - An evolutionary interpretation
Date:  Friday, Mar 24, 2017

Title:  Influence and Collaboration between British and Indian Literature
Date:  Friday, Feb 24, 2017

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